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  • 25+ years of experience.
  • 80 percent return customer base.
  • Utilize industry leading software including B2W and Procore.


Our preconstruction services go well beyond traditional open-book cost estimating and value engineering to create more reliable schedules, estimates and logistical plans. We use the most relevant tools, technologies and processes, and get the right people involved at the proper time to drive down project costs while maintaining and respecting design intent and you, the customer’s, overall goals and objectives.
Our team is heavily involved in the preconstruction process, providing key insight into constructability, sequencing and logistical issues. This integrated team approach allows for seamless transition from design to construction with no surprises.
Force’s construction services are delivered by professionals with the expertise to help you build a high-performing structure with the utmost value.
Our team provides preconstruction services designed to provide predictable results:
  • Analyze project plans and specifications to determine an accurate and complete estimate
  • Provide value engineering options and alternatives during the design phase
  • Review constructability concerns
  • Structural & forming system selection
  • Prepare accurate budgets
  • Develop detailed schedules, phasing and logistical plans
  • Develop a project schedule that meets and exceeds the criteria
  • Deliver a competitive and comprehensive guaranteed maximum price
When it comes to multi-story building construction, concrete structures can get complex and challenging. Our team of vertical construction experts has over 25 years of experience and expertise in virtually any type of structural frame. We can bring cast-in-place concrete to your building with maximum quality, efficiency, and safety.
A fast build means high efficiency so every step can move along, saving you time and money. Every member of our team knows their role in executing your project—this level of coordination and skill with equipment is brought to every project, every time.
Force’s highly skilled field team has the experience, and local perspective, to build projects on schedule and within budget. With our experienced personnel and our proactive approach, many of the problems common in the construction process are avoided before they have a chance to materialize.

Construction Services

High & Mid-Rise
The parkade structure is complete and your high rise has come out of the ground. Thus begins the rhythm of construction. Floor after floor, formwork is built over the stubs of walls and structural columns. Rebar cages are fabricated and lowered into place. Utilities are led through conduits and ductwork. Then comes the slurry of concrete. The floors are poured, and the formwork filled, and the walls gradually rise, always with a toothsome row of rebar jutting out the top, ready to accommodate the next course of formwork and concrete. In fact, this is where it becomes clear that, although your high rise may ultimately look like it’s made of glass and steel, at heart, it’s a colossus of reinforced concrete. Force has extensive experience in mid and high-rise construction in both Vancouver and Victoria.

Our systems and services include:

  • Formwork/Falsework
  • Conventional gang wall systems
  • Conventional column forms
  • Conventional scaffold systems
  • Panelized gang wall systems
  • Primary/Secondary decking systems
  • Panelized decking systems
  • Fly forms
  • Climbing forms
  • Free form systems
  • Custom architectural planters, landscape walls and stairs, water features.
  • Pump place and finish suspended slabs
Parking Structures
Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each customer to understand their unique needs and goals involving this complex, yet critical part of the build. When you choose Force, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality trades professionals and services available. We take pride in delivering products that not only meet but exceed industry standards for durability, safety, and performance. Our commitment to innovation and excellence sets us apart, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your construction goals.

Our systems and services include:

  • Formwork/Falsework
  • Conventional gang wall systems
  • Conventional column forms
  • Conventional scaffold systems
  • Panelized gang wall systems
  • Primary/Secondary decking systems
  • Panelized decking systems
  • Fly forms
  • Climbing forms
  • Free form systems
  • Custom architectural planters, landscape walls and stairs, water features.
  • Pump place and finish suspended slabs
Podium Construction

Unlock your projects potential with Forces’ podium construction services. Podium construction is an ideal solution for urban sites with limited space, as it allows for greater creative flexibility and offsite prefabrication. You can create multi-story structures or 1-2 stories above grade with longer spans and tall ceilings that are perfect for retail, restaurant, and other commercial tenants. Plus, the top stories can be used for outdoor amenities like pools and gardens.

Our systems and services include:

  • Formwork/Falsework
  • Conventional gang wall systems
  • Conventional column forms
  • Conventional scaffold systems
  • Panelized gang wall systems
  • Primary/Secondary decking systems
  • Panelized decking systems
  • Fly forms
  • Climbing forms
  • Free form systems
  • Custom architectural planters, landscape walls and stairs, water features.
  • Pump place and finish suspended slabs
The tilt-up construction procedure has gained massive support in the construction industry due to its swiftness and economic appeal. It involves the casting of concrete elements such as walls, pillars, and supports, horizontally on top of concrete slabs. This includes the building’s floors, and other temporary concrete castings, to be set on a flat surface. This feature makes tilt-up construction the perfect choice for construction projects mid-city.
Architectural concrete will be permanently exposed to view. Therefore, it requires special care in the selection of materials and in forming, placing, and finishing techniques to get the desired appearance and performance. The appearance of architectural concrete is a function of the specified characteristics such as color and texture. However, if not properly designed and placed, the appearance and serviceability can be impacted by finish inconsistencies, cracking, and excessive deflections or deformations. The Force team has extensive architectural forming and flatwork experience, providing a spectacular hardscape finish to your project.

Our systems and services include:

  • Formwork/Falsework
  • Custom architectural planters
  • Landscape walls and stairs
  • Water features.
  • Architectural flatwork
Across the city, buildings are gradually becoming structurally unsound over time. Many were constructed before seismic load capacity was a mandatory component of building standards, and were often built with low-quality materials or using unsafe construction practices. Many more are simply aging, with materials degrading, and steel corroding. As a result, efforts are ongoing to retrofit existing structures, and to develop new techniques for assessing and enhancing seismic load capacity in order to create a safer building infrastructure worldwide.
Fortunately, Force can help with any concrete retrofit or structural upgrades from parkades to podiums and towers. We can support any structural renovation, addition, seismic upgrade or structural reinforcement.

Our systems and services include:

  • Renovations and additions
  • Injection and crack repairs
  • Structural repairs and reinforcing
  • Structural wraps and protective coatings
  • Seismic upgrades
  • Demolition

Markets We Service

Multi Res framed 2
Master Planned framed 3
Hospitality framed
Office framed 2
Retail framed 2
Civic & Govt framed
Healthcare framed
Sports & Rec framed
Warehouse & Mfg framed


Force strives to achieve the highest standards while continuously exceeding client expectations. We will provide and maintain a safe working environment for our employees and those working around us, while continuously improving our scope of services through ongoing training, embracing new technology, and fostering innovative ideas.

Employee Focus

We value the safety and health of our employees over everything else and are committed to providing the safest workplace possible.


We are flexible, organized, respectful, committed and energetic (FORCE). These are the core values our team members practice professionally every day.

Why Force?

  • We have the industry experience and technical know-how to understand and exceed your project expectations.
  • We have a qualified management team, highly-skilled formwork crews and we are able to undertake large-scale projects.
  • We utilize industry leading and relevant scheduling, estimating, cost control and financial software.
  • The health and safety of our employees is priority one.
  • The quality of our product is superior and consistent with every project.

Get to Know the Team at Force Concrete

Incorporated in January 2024, Force Concrete Forming Inc. brings 25 years of concrete forming experience to the construction industry.

Force is a strategic collaboration between Knight Projects Ltd. and Industra Construction Corp. in order to best serve the growing demand for structural concrete in the Metro Vancouver region.
Force is a self-perform concrete forming contractor specializing in high-rise, parkades, vertical structures and buildings and architectural construction. We provide pre-construction services, direct forces labour and continuous management throughout the construction phase.
Safety and quality are of the upmost priority to Force. Project specific safety and quality management plans are incorporated into every project to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
We utilize industry leading software including B2W for estimating and Procore for safety, quality control and document controls. Traqspera is utilized for on-site, real-time labour management which integrates with Viewpoint, our financial control platform.
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Chief Financial Officer
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Lee Knight
Director of Operations
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Chief Financial Officer
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Scot Brydon
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Rob Brydon

Previous Projects

Vancouver General Hospital Expansion
Paradox Hotel Vancouver
One Wall Centre - Vancouver
565 Great Northern Way - Vancouver
Ice Tower - Edmonton
Edgemont Village - North Vancouver
Trophy at Pier - Vancouver
Northwest - Vancouver
Block 100 - Vancouver
Strathcona Village - Vancouver
Parq Vancouver Casino
Yaletown Towers - Vancouver
1335 Howe St. - Vancouver
Canadian 1068 Hornby St. - Vancouver

Health & Safety

Health, Safety & Environmental Program

Our OHS&E Program is the core document containing all our policies and procedures related to health, safety and the environment.

This 600+ page document is maintained by our Director, Health, Safety & Environment.

One of the requirements of this program is for a detailed Site Specific Safety Plan to be created for each new project and given to the customer and all the other project team members.

We operate on the premise that all incidents and injuries are preventable. Our goal is to perform our work with no harm to people, no damage to property and to the environment. It is our policy through leadership, training, and application of our management systems, to ensure that health and safety is fully integrated into the conceptual design, engineering, and execution phases of all our projects, and nurtures a positive safety culture throughout the company and our subcontractors. We are committed to conducting business in a way that is proactive in protecting the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and the community.

Our executive leadership team, management and employees are committed 100 percent to being an industry leader in health and safety and in turn ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. 

Health, Safety & Environmental Training

Much of our training in done in house including an onboarding session and WHMIS 2015 training. 

In addition to a full-time safety officer, we have a dedicated human resources training officer.

On-site, daily hazard assessments and tailgate safety meetings are conducted to discuss new safety matters and to raise any safety concerns.

Hazard Risk Analysis
A hazard assessment (also called a risk assessment) is an ongoing process carried out by a qualified person that will identify all workplace hazards, assess potential risk to workers, and determine the preventative and protective measures to control those hazards and reduce the risks.
A hazard assessment or job hazard analysis (JHA) is recommended prior to the start of any new project, task or job. Its purpose is to anticipate, as much as is reasonable, any hazards or hazardous conditions that are inherent or could arise out of a new project, task or job. Once the hazards have been identified, the controls for eliminating or minimizing these hazards can then be determined and implemented. Hazard assessments are also undertaken when major modifications are made to a project, task or job. For this purpose, we complete a Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) each day at minimum.
Environmental Assessment and Monitoring
To address environmental risk factors on a project, we apply a similar process to our project hazard assessment, including the following steps:
  1. Identify and Evaluate the Risks or Potential Harm
  2. Determine Potential Methods of Elimination or Control of Risk
  3. Implement Methods of Elimination or Control of Risk
  4. Review and Assessment
The assessment is documented in our Site Specific Safety Plan or in our Environmental Protection Plan and followed up with mandatory daily and weekly reporting.
Incident Investigation
An incident is any unplanned and unwanted event which results in damage or injury or which could have resulted in damage or injury. Almost every incident is the result of a combination of causes.
The primary purpose of investigation is to identify these causes so that corrective action can be taken to prevent a recurrence of the incident.
Investigations are conducted by the supervisor in charge of the area and/or personnel involved. All the details are documented in an Incident Report in our online project management software, Procore.

Health and Safety Personnel

In addition to a full-time safety officer, we have a dedicated human resources training officer.

On site, we have at least one safety officer.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Management Program (QMP) is the governing body by which Force Concrete manages project quality control and quality assurance. The QMP is also the basis from which the project specific Quality Control Plan (QCP) is derived. The QMP represents our overarching quality guidelines while the QCP, when written in close conjunction with the project specifications, matches those guidelines to the requirements of any one specific project.
The QCP is a site-specific quality document that contains an inspection and test plan (ITP) and conforms to the quality standards contained within the project scope and specifications. A QCP is developed at the front end of each project by the project team. The team will review the project specifications, identify the quality requirements specific to the project, enter this data into the ITP and extract the relevant information and checklists for the QCP.

The process of defect management is an essential part of most construction projects. Defects can cause delays, cost overruns, and even product recalls, which can lead to negative impact on the overall project success. Implementing a project specific defect management system will help minimize these risks by ensuring that the processes are automated and effective.

Our project specific defect management system includes:

  • Detailed Inspection Test Plan (ITP), which will identify and track not only QC submission requirements, but also deficiencies on a daily basis. This system is used instead of a master “Punch List” at the end of the project, which tends to drag out occupancy. Our deficiency tracking will be detailed by scope and by trade independently to ensure completion in a timely fashion. 
  • Open communication, transparency and an open-book approach with all project stakeholders will be critical to the success of this project.

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